Conscious Culture Building in the Workplace

Today we are joined by Brandy Ferrer, President, and CEO, Pathfinder Strategies, a consulting company that helps clients create and sustain workplace cultures where people enjoy their work & perform at their best, and Chris Helin, Vice President Lovitt & Touche, who works with CEO’s CFO’s and Executive Human Resource Professionals to drive the development of long-term strategic direction for their Employee Benefit Plans.

On this episode, we will discuss with our guests how creating a workplace culture that emphasizes employee health, happiness, & productivity can help your business and your workers thrive now, and in the long-term.

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Expanding Your Eco-Consciousness

Today we are joined by Skya Nelson COO & Creative Director at Fed By Threads, who currently drives strategy and innovation for Fed By Threads, the leading Eco-Corporate Apparel company in the United States, and Dorie Morales Publisher & Editor Green Living Magazine a lifestyle publication about the eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability. On this episode we will discuss with our guests how operating in a sustainable, eco-conscious framework can generate value in your business, the environment, and the wider community.

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Reinvesting in the Community to Create Greater Value

Today we are joined by Wendy Werden, Manager of Community Investment and Philanthropy TEP and an award-winning community engagement manager with more than 25 years of outreach, marketing, media, and strategic development experience. Also with us is Ciara Garcia, Chief Executive Officer Social Venture Partners Tucson a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting individuals and businesses with true community impact. On this episode, we discuss how reinvesting in your community can generate value for the larger community that goes far beyond dollars and cents.

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Creating Community Resources Through Innovation

Today we are joined by Danny Knee, Executive Director of the Community Investment Corporation a non-profit, local, economic development organization, and alternative lender and Kevin Koch Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Technicians For Sustainability, a mission-driven company specializing in renewable energy and sustainable technologies for residential and commercial settings. On this episode, we discuss how innovative technologies and business models contribute to the conscious capitalism movement. 

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Encouraging Entrepreneurship Through Community Care

Today we are joined by Jeff Kiewel of Goodman Interior Structures, a Benefit Corporation that is focused on our community, environment, and employees as well as our shareholders, and Michele Wright, the founder of GoodTHREADS, Tucson’s only clothing bank for foster, adoptive and kinship families.

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Understanding the Impact of Defining Your Organization’s Core Purpose

In this episode, we are joined by Megan Everett, Director of Marketing for Mister Car Wash and Pamela Crim, CEO of BBB Serving Southern Arizona. Today’s episode covers community engagement, corporate citizenship and other elements of conscious capitalism that highlights the importance of contributing to your community as a business. Investing in your business by investing in your people and your community can have an enormous impact on your triple bottom line. Enjoy, comment, and tune in next time!

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