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The number of Americans say they don't know how much they'll need for retirement.


The percentage of adults who say they do not stick to a budget because they have no way of keeping track of everything.


The number of financial advisors who would recommend keeping an organized savings, investing and spending plan.

All of your accounts in one place...

Connect your bank accounts, investment accounts and credit cards accounts and see all of your activity from one personalized dashboard. You can see your net worth snapshot and your investment performance all in one place.

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Quick setup and easy to use interface

Start by entering your age and your income to begin the process of setting your financial goals.

Choose your goal

Most of our clients are focused on their retirement, but some are focused on saving for a specific purpose. With the Emoney tool, you can choose your goal and calculate what you'll need in order to get there.

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An easy to use tool to plan for your future

Emoney financial planning software helps you set goals and stick to your plan.

Seeing is believing

When you can see your entire financial picture in one place it makes those lofty goals seem possible because you're organized.

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