Jamey Durbin

Keeping our clients' money safe from volatile and risky investments is our top priority.

Jamey Durbin | Transfer and Account Specialist

Jamey DurbinYear Joined: 2012

Years of Professional Experience: 20+

What I love about Retirement Evolutions: Being part of a close-knit team working to put people’s minds at ease

Places I’ve Lived: Lexington, OH & Tucson, AZ

My Hobbies and Passions: Sports (watching/attending), spending time with family, exploring the outdoors


Jamey oversees the essential function of account paperwork for clients. First, he identifies and prepares all necessary transactional paperwork in an industry that loves paperwork. He then follows through with the various tasks of any submittals until the desired outcome is reached. He also ensures the information, accounts and notes in the client database are accurate.

Jamey’s Professional Story

Jamey and Jon met during college and have enjoyed a brother-like relationship ever since. Jamey graduated from the University of Arizona in 2000 with an engineering degree. After designing irrigation systems and working in quality control, he operated a landscaping company for 10 years. A diagnosis of melanoma was the catalyst for a change of scenery, and starting in 2012, he grew into a full-time position with Retirement Evolutions. Jamey draws on his analytical mind to ensure new accounts are processed with great attention to detail, his past relationships and life experiences to communicate with clients and his friendships to work together as a company teammate.

Jamey’s Personal Story

Jamey grew up in a small town as part of a large extended family in Ohio and moved to Arizona at 11 years old. He played sports year-round through college. If there wasn’t a ball involved, then it was a camping tent, snow board, bike or something outdoors. Jamey has an adult daughter who also graduated from the University of Arizona, and a wife with whom he shares a young son. His eight-year battle with cancer causes him to keep life simple in enjoying every day, appreciating life’s daily gifts and experiencing as many new and different things as possible.

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