Our Staff

Keeping our clients' money safe from volatile and risky investments is our top priority.

Your Financial Planning Team

Our Wealth Advisors

Jon Magoch

Role: Founder, President and Investment Advisor Representative

Joined: 2006

Professional Experience: 20+ years

Karyn Damschen

Role: Health and Life Insurance Specialist and leads our Woman's Worth division

Joined: 2013

Professional Experience: 20+ years

Jeremy Neis

Role: Investment Advisor Representative (retirement planner), lead business services & direct performance enhancing initiatives

Joined: 2014

Professional Experience: 20+ years

Support Team

Jamey Durbin

Role: Transfer and Account Specialist

Joined: 2012

Professional Experience: 20+ years

Sloan Magoch-Morales

Role: Office Administrator & Marketing Director

Joined: 2015

Professional Experience: 25+ years

Kenneth Magoch

Role: Legacy Board Member, Retirement Evolutions' Mt. Rushmore

Joined: 2006

Professional Experience: "Well-Seasoned"