Conscious Culture Building in the Workplace

Today we are joined by Brandy Ferrer, President, and CEO, Pathfinder Strategies, a consulting company that helps clients create and sustain workplace cultures where people enjoy their work & perform at their best, and Chris Helin, Vice President Lovitt & Touche, who works with CEO’s CFO’s and Executive Human Resource Professionals to drive the development of long-term strategic direction for their Employee Benefit Plans.

On this episode, we will discuss with our guests how creating a workplace culture that emphasizes employee health, happiness, & productivity can help your business and your workers thrive now, and in the long-term.

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Expanding Your Eco-Consciousness

Today we are joined by Skya Nelson COO & Creative Director at Fed By Threads, who currently drives strategy and innovation for Fed By Threads, the leading Eco-Corporate Apparel company in the United States, and Dorie Morales Publisher & Editor Green Living Magazine a lifestyle publication about the eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability. On this episode we will discuss with our guests how operating in a sustainable, eco-conscious framework can generate value in your business, the environment, and the wider community.

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