Conscious Capitalism Podcast: Episode 4

Sarah and I were treated to a conversation with a leader of a “2018 Best Places to Work” award winner and a person laboring on a global scale to confront the preservation needs of our planet.

“We all share one planet. It’s a really small planet, and we’re wearing it out.”

That was just one meaningful quote from Gina Murphy-Darling who joined us on our show this month. Gina Murphy-Darling is the Founder and CEO of Mrs. Green’s World. Gina hosts a global podcast dedicated to the preservation of the planet & interviews guests from all over the globe. The tag line is “We don’t tell you what to think. We just want you to.”

In addition to hosting the show, Gina represents clients at national & local green living events, provides clients with partnership opportunities and green consulting services.   She is also a public speaker and author.  Her most recent book is – Your Mother Called: Mother Earth. You’d Better Call Her Back

“With good communication, almost anything can be solved.”

So said Alice Templeton who also joined us this month. Alice is the Business Development Director for Barker Contracting.  A Tucson native, Alice brings long-standing relationships and a solid understanding of our community to every effort she pursues. As a former president and current board member of the Metropolitan Pima Alliance, Alice has insight into and knowledge of the real estate development community and knows how to bring diverse interests together to find common ground solutions.

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