There is more to wealth than just money.

Let us help you define your True Wealth picture and connect meaning to your money.

“Profits are maximized when wealth is optimized.”

“We help you design long-range plans and then implement the right mechanisms so those plans can be realized.

“We believe a wealthy organization is one where the right group of people, each operating at peak contribution levels come together to serve one another and their communities.”

“profit is a short-term measure of money” – “wealth is a long-term accumulation of anything of desire”

“Shareholders are best rewarded when stakeholders are best served.

“Operate with a ‘wealth’ mindset to achieve profit goals.”

At RESourceful we help businesses design a total wealth package for their employees, their organization, their principals, their community, and the environment. We identify four core types of wealth that are necessary to not just survive, but thrive in a service economy and a rapidly changing world.


Emotional Wealth




True Wealth Planning

Wealth isn't just about finances. Have you ever wished you could leave your business for a month and rely on the fact that it is managerially sound to sleep well during that time? Work is not supposed to be life. You may have spent a lifetime building what you now have and benefit from it both professionally and financially, but what better way to enjoy the fruits of your labor than to stop having to labor so much.

Human Resource Management

HRMS (human resources management systems) offer flexibility and efficiency for you and your staff. This type of tool offers a way, through software technology, for both large and small businesses to manage human resources related activities like compliance, employee documentation, conflict resolution, legal questions and accounting in one place. This type of resource can help you plan your HR costs more efficiently and minimize the time you have to spend managing and administrating.

What gets measured gets done.


Strategic Planning

In order to grow your business, you must have defined goals and a path by which to accomplish those goals. We provide coaching and consultation to help you and your business define objectives, set benchmarks and implement a long-term growth strategy that will benefit your triple bottom line.

Let one of our professionals guide you through our assessment process to help you understand where you are.