Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

Before profit, there must be purpose. Have you defined yours? Is your current business model serving to fulfill that purpose?

If you can’t walk away from your business for 30 days you don’t have a business; you are the business – which is true for you?

If you only train certain muscle groups of your body an imbalance will prevent you from reaching peak physical shape. In business, if you focus only on financial wealth it too will be imbalanced and won’t reach peak form.

Your business legacy is the sum of all human-centered decisions you make – are you making the right ones?

Do you think you have a great organization – if yes, what are you doing to keep it that way. If no, what are you doing to make it that way?

“We believe a wealthy organization is one where the right group of people, each operating at peak contribution levels come together to serve one another and their communities”

We provide consultation and support to business owners who want to define or redefine their philosophy, connect with their community, support their staff and grow their own individual wealth. We provide education and implementation that helps to fulfill your stated purpose and obligations not just to your shareholders, but to all of your identified stakeholders.


integrated impact

What We Provide

Your relationship with your community, your team, and your environment is a big part of who you are as an organization and business owner.

We help businesses by implementing and executing community engagement strategies, employee wellness programs, carbon neutral corporate standards, and environmentally conscious practices to help you accomplish your ideals without dividing your time more than it already is.

The Tenets of
Conscious Capitalism

conscious capitalism

Who we work with

Organizations and Businesses that are committed to aspiring to the ideals and concepts of conscious capitalism. An organization whose purpose does not rest solely on generating a profit. While a profit is critical to fulfilling your other stated purposes, it is not the only thing that matters. An organization that has already or is willing to follow the tenets of conscious capitalism in their stated company/organizational philosophy.


Proactive Thinking

To carry forward your purpose for the long haul your organization needs staying power. If fortune favors the prepared mind, then we’d like to also submit that weathering misfortune favors the prepared firm. Creating a formal “5D” plan, of which some are Disability or key Departures, is one strategic way to safeguard against some business disrupters that have the potential to derail even the healthiest of organizations. Let us help you be intentional about your level of preparedness.



We proudly serve businesses and organizations in the following areas:

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