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A Little History

RESourceful is the business to business operating arm of Retirement Evolutions Wealth Management, a financial planning and investment management firm serving those seeking a confident retirement in the Greater Phoenix Metro area, Tuscon, Green Valley, and Sierra Vista. As the name implies we aim to provide an abundance of resources to empower business operators to take care of the people they rely upon to become thriving organizations that sustain for the long haul.

Ingredients for True Wealth

There are two main ingredients in our approach. The first is taking a long-range perspective as opposed to short-term trade-offs.   Second, the boundaries of wealth are expanded to be more than just financial wealth - which is obviously critical - but so is physical wealth, emotional wealth and social wealth. 

The workplace is a great place to invest energy due to the symbiotic relationship between an organization and the team of individuals that operate it.  As it relates to financial wealth, the workplace is where most people will earn their salary or revenues that will enable their desired lifestyles now and into their retirement years. 

Again, speaking in generalities, the workplace is also where people will spend the greatest percentage of their waking hours so it is a logical place to influence those other wealth dynamics we concentrate on - physical, emotional and social wealth.

Wealth in the Workplace

Clearly, the workplace has a critical impact on individuals, but individuals are equally important to the successes of the enterprise.  An organization can only go as far as the people in its employ take it. Entrepreneurs experience how all-consuming it can be to simply focus on delivering service to customers. Implementing and maintaining mechanisms that attract, motivate and retain peak-performers is imperative - but often hard to accomplish.  When looking for a provider to help them care for their employees, many business leaders find (1) really large service organizations that don't have the ability to customize much or don't fully understand the needs of smaller operations or (2) a buffet of specialized service providers that need to be glued together. They may do a great job within their focus area, but aren't able to influence much of the big picture.  RESourceful looks to marry those two worlds.

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To understand the full landscape of your business's needs and opportunities as it relates to wealth (financial, physical, emotional and social). From that understanding, we intend to bring together the right instruments and a team of providers to execute your organizational goals and objectives.

Meet Our Team

Jeremy Neis

Jeremy Neis

Jeremy leads the RESourceful division of Retirement Evolutions and has committed himself to learn about, and lead Retirement Evolutions and it's divisions, to follow the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Having taken the business to which he is so committed through the processes outlined here he is passionate about offering the same services to other like-minded organizations.


Karyn Damschen

Karyn leads to RESolutions division of Retirement Evolutions. RESolutions focuses on the needs women have and the challenges they face when planning for their retirement and experiencing other financial transitions. Karyn is passionate about helping women become educated about and empowered by their financial foundation and provides resources and support to women who wish to meet those goals.

Jon Magoch

Jon Magoch

Jon is the President and CEO of Retirement Evolutions and all of its divisions. Jon invests most of his energy either helping existing clients’ evolving retirement planning needs or meeting with prospective clients to design solutions for their unique needs. As president, he also tends to the global strategy and task allocations of ongoing business requirements.



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