Expanding Your Eco-Consciousness

Today we are joined by Skya Nelson COO & Creative Director at Fed By Threads, who currently drives strategy and innovation for Fed By Threads, the leading Eco-Corporate Apparel company in the United States, and Dorie Morales Publisher & Editor Green Living Magazine a lifestyle publication about the eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability. On this episode we will discuss with our guests how operating in a sustainable, eco-conscious framework can generate value in your business, the environment, and the wider community.


Skya Nelson COO & Creative Director at Fed By Threads 

Skya began his career in the apparel industry in 1987.  He became active in sustainable products in 2004 and currently drives strategy and innovation for Fed By Threads, the leading Eco-Corporate Apparel company in the United States.  Skya is a native of Hawaii, where he developed an aloha style management as part of his island culture.  He loves his adopted home of Tucson where has lived for nearly 20 years.  Since 2016, he has been responsible for R&D and business development, stewarding the transition to Circular Economy and vertical supply chain integration.  Previously he was the Creative Director for Raytheon Corporation, Art Director of Host-Marriott Services, and he has been an influential voice at SGIA, ThreadX, Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard, and for the U.S. Department of State. 

Dorie Morales Publisher & Editor Green Living Magazine 

Dorie has been in the magazine industry for over 20 years, starting in magazines for the multi-family industry. She worked for the Apartment Guide as a salesperson and then Publisher. In 2004, Dorie and her former business partner started Apartment Showcase. They later sold to Apartment Finder in 2007 where Dorie stayed on as Publisher until starting Green Living Magazine. Green Living Magazine was a business opportunity that brought her back to her roots.  Dorie grew up in NJ in a home with an acre garden and always loved changing of the seasons. However, it was witnessing the birth of baby cow as a foreign exchange student in Espelette France that changed her life and shaped a deep appreciation of the earth. Dorie is very passionate about an eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability because she has lost all of her immediate family members to cancer, dementia, and medications going toxic in their body. She takes it as a personal mission to teach everyone that there are simple solutions that they can do in their daily life to create change and make an impact. 

dorie@greenlivingaz.comI greenlivingaz.com 

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About Your Hosts

Sarah-McCrarenBioshotMcCraren Compliance

Sarah McCraren is CEO and President of McCraren Compliance and is a Tucson native with a strong sense of community. Sarah spent many years in the corporate finance world specializing in the operational analysis, measurement and accountability systems, project management and software implementations. However, Sarah wanted to do work which was meaningful and would positively impact her community. She found that saving lives and reducing injuries through comprehensive safety programs fit that bill. Sarah leads the McCraren Compliance team by keeping everyone focused on their primary purpose and balancing the needs of all their stakeholders.

Sarah serves on the Board for the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Tucson Chapter, Southwest University of Visual Arts, Conscious Capitalism Arizona and are active with the Arizona Builders Alliance, Arizona Rock Products Association and Arizona Transportation Builders.

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JeremyDeisHostConsciousCapitalismEp1Retirement Evolutions

Jeremy Neis is an Investment Advisor with Retirement Evolutions and a small business operator fueled by the desire to enrich the life experience. He grew up in the Chicago area and chased the sun to get a degree at the University of Arizona in human and organizational communications. After doing so, he returned to Illinois where over the next 15 years he would find joy in co-launching and growing a technology solutions company and establishing a family. In 2014 he returned to the desert to join his current venture, Retirement Evolutions, where his focuses are: (1) Conduct planning with individuals and families so that they can maximize the likelihood of leading secure and comfortable retirements. (2) Through the business services arm, Resourceful, empower business leaders to care for the people that they will rely upon to be thriving, sustainable organizations.

Jeremy is a proud contributor to the Conscious Capitalism movement as he views it as a powerful vehicle to bring about greater prosperity and reduced suffering for our human family. Over his career he has had the privilege to work closely with hundreds of different enterprises across many markets and industries. A common theme emerges among those firms that he’s seen excel and that is to be great not just with what they are bringing to market, but also with the manner in which they are doing so.

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